Cut Resistant, Heat Resistant & Fireproof Kitchen Gloves with extra grip

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“Here at Cyraeon we have developed cut resistant gloves that you can wear while you’re chopping, cooking and baking. These gloves can be worn while chopping, mixing and carrying hot pans and they will help protect your hands from cuts, hot water, burns and they also have strong silicone grip to carry heavy dishes. They’re comfortable to wear and are made from specialist fabric that will help you in your day to day lives by protecting them from accidents that may occur in the kitchen.

These gloves come in small, medium and large so they are great for children too who might be learning some new cooking skills in the kitchen. Due to the fabric being lightweight you can wear the gloves for a long period of time so no matter what you are cooking or baking you will not have to remove the gloves for different tasks. A great addition to have in the kitchen and a must have due to it’s safety features and practicality.

*Please note that they can protect your hands while your cooking, however they should not be replaced for oven gloves so do not use these gloves to take hot trays straight out the oven as they protect up to 50 degrees only.* The grip is excellent to help you carry dishes into the oven and are very versatile for using around the kitchen.

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  • HEAT AND CUT RESISTANT: These gloves are perfect for wearing whilst you chop, cook, bake and carry hot pans. They’re even great for the BBQ as the silicone quality material will protect your hands and allow you to still grip perfectly. The gloves are heat resistant up to 50 degrees!


  • SILICONE GRIP: The extra silicone grip on these gloves makes sure you can grip and carry your utensils and pans easily around the kitchen.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The lightweight material ensures these gloves are perfect to wear for long periods of time. They will certainly speed up your batch cooking, allowing you to quickly chop meat and vegetables and move hot pans with ease.


  • THREE SIZES: These cut resistant gloves come in three sizes – small, medium and large making them perfect for all the family. Kids can learn to cook whilst preventing accidents in the kitchen.


  • KITCHEN ADDITION: These gloves make a great addition to any kitchen and can also be the perfect new home gift. Please note that these are not to replace conventional oven gloves (to take hot trays straight out of the oven).


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