Homemade Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream 🍒🍧🍦

Making your very own ice cream doesn't need to be complicated or difficult- you only need a few simple ingredients and the only long task is waiting for it to freeze (if you make it early enough this won't be an issue 😉😂).
Do you want that healthier, creamier, tastier more satisfying ice cream? If you answered yes then this is the recipe for you! We love the combination of cherry, vanilla and chocolate so we know this would be the ice cream that we would to make. Ice cream is one of those treats where you think twice before you eat it, especially if you're on a diet or trying to be healthy but don't worry sometimes it's OK to treat yourself! With this version we've used lighter ingredients so less calories and it's healthier so you don't have to feel as guilty 😉
This recipe makes enough for 4 servings:
Ingredients needed:

- 300ml light double cream
- 300g condensed milk
- 1 vanilla pod
- A handful of dark chocolate chips
- A handful of chopped pitted cherries (you can use frozen if you wish- just defrost them first and make sure the stones are removed if they have any)
- 4tbsp cherry sauce- if using fresh cherries simply warm them in a pan until they have softened and the liquid is produced- separate the sauce from the cherries and use according to the method. If using frozen, then defrost in the microwave and once defrosted you should have some cherry sauce and soft cherries which you can then chop into pieces.
1) Start off by preparing the cherries and set aside. Also slit the vanilla pod down the middle and scrape out the vanilla seeds and set these aside too. 
2) Now add the cream to a large bowl and whisk, using an electric whisk for approximately 10 minutes on a medium speed until the cream has thickened and you have soft peaks. 
3) Then add in the condensed milk and whisk for another 5 minutes.
4) When you have a thick and creamy mixture that has soft peaks then the ice cream base is ready for the toppings. Add in the vanilla pod seeds, half of the chocolate chips and 2 tsbp of cherry sauce and mix well. 
5) Finally pour into a freezable container and drizzle some more cherry sauce on top and slightly feather the top so you create a nice swirl/design. Top with more chocolate chips and freeze for approximately 4 hours. 
*Please note that the ice cream tastes so much better the next day so if you can wait that long we guarantee it will be worth the wait* 😉
You'll never want to buy shop bought ice cream again and think of how creative you can be with the flavours- you can add any toppings you like. We love this homemade ice cream topped with wafers or a scoop (or two😉) in a waffle cone-Absolutely incredible!!!
Hope you have a cherry lovely day! 🍒

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