Quick Cinnamon, Apple & Raisin Strudel 🍏

Apples, raisins and cinnamon when combined, makes one of the tastiest combinations and we wanted to share with you our quick and easy strudel recipe to show all these delicious flavours! A soft yummy centre full of fruit, wrapped in flaky, crispy, buttery puff pastry. What more could you want? 😉


Ingredients needed:

 -4 apples (green cooking apples are best but you can use any) - peeled, cored, and chopped  in small chunks.

 -75g raisins

 -100g caster sugar

 -2 tsp ground cinnamon

 -1 tbsp self-raising flour

 -1 pack frozen puff pastry- defrosted- ready to be rolled

-1 egg, lightly beaten

-1 tbsp sugar of your choice for sprinkling at the top.



1. Start off by preheating the oven to 200C/400F.

2. Then in a large bowl, combine the apples, 100g sugar, raisins, and cinnamon and mixed well.

3. Next on a clean flat surface, dust a little flour and roll out the puff pastry. Then spoon out the filling into the centre of the puff pastry and roll into a log. Now slit cuts into the pastry- approximately 2cm apart vertically along the whole pastry. Finally, brush with egg and sprinkle with sugar.

4. Place on a baking tray (or our pizza stone to get a nice even crisp bake) and bake in the oven (for approximately 25-30 minutes until the apple strudel is puffed up and golden brown!

Serve with vanilla ice cream or custard and enjoy 😉 

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