Straight From Your Stove To Your Plate! 🍝


When it comes to cooking, the best cookware should be safe to use, heat resistant but also lightweight and can cook just about anything. With our silicone steamer basket you can simply pop it into your favourite large saucepan and boil any type of food you want. Whether you’re cooking potatoes, pasta or vegetables the basket is perfect for anything.

The basket is fully made of silicone and contains convenient holes for draining water. So what you can do is boil your water and then in the basket place what you wish to cook, let’s say it’s vegetables. Then with the convenient handles one either side, simply lift the basket and place in the boiling water slowly and carefully. Once the pasta is cooked, simply lift out the basket, using the handles and place straight on the plate!

The great thing about the silicone basket is that you can go straight from your stove to the plate in seconds! No more boiling water splatters when you go to drain the water in the sink! With this silicone basket you can put your food straight from the basket to your plate and then clean up the water from the saucepan once it’s cooled. The last thing you want to do is worry about draining boiling water and clearing up heavy, hot dishes before dinner. This silicone basket is not only safe but it saves you time so you can enjoy your dinner while it’s hot and then clean up later!

We believe that every household should have one and if you’re still not convinced then here are some more benefits:


  • HEAT RESISTANT: Perfect for placing in boiling water so you can cook your veg and pasta easily!


  • HOLES FOR DRAINING: Drain your food easily from any excess boiling water!


  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Great grip and handles so it’s easy to lift multiple amounts of food quicker, so you can get the hot food onto the plate and eat it as soon as possible.


  • STRONG MATERIAL: Made of strong silicone so it’s guaranteed to last and no need to keep replacing it or rely on heavy pans or extra utensils in the kitchen.


  • SAFER TO USE: Pouring boiling water to separate food into a colander can be dangerous so this is much more safer and easier.


If you love cooking and want your cooking tasks to be much easier and safer this is the best basket for you. It’s lightweight and easy to use, easy to clean and most importantly great value for money as it will last you for many, many years to come. Also the list is endless with the amount of ingredients and food you can cook in it.

We love making chips and veggies…what would you cook the most in these wonderful silicone steamer baskets? 

Save time and washing up! 🥘 


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