Wipe Away All The Mess More Easily…🧼

When it comes to cleaning, sometimes you have to add that extra elbow grease to get rid of those tough stains and then by the time your done, you’re exhausted! Well why not make it easier on yourself and use the right cleaning cloths? Our specially designed microfibre cloths are made with the softest material and are non-abrasive so not only will they clean well but they’re so delicate that they won’t damage even the most delicate of glassware.

The cloth features a scrubbing patch which is handy when you find a tough stain and you can then use the same cloth not only to get rid of the stain, but to also wipe away any excess! It’s a great two in one cloth to have which will make it easier for many tasks such as wiping dishes, cleaning windows, dusting and much more…

We find that sometimes when dusting the dusting cloths and other dusters that are available can sometimes cause the dust to spread into the air which can affect health and the cleanliness of your home. This is because the dust and the germs are still spreading throughout the rooms and have not actually been cleaned up properly. Dust can sometimes be hard to see but it is there and knowing that you’ve got rid of it in the best way you can, will make it better for you. This is why we set out to design a lightweight duster that can be used on almost anything to keep everything squeaky clean, germ free and cleaning for longer!

Have you ever cooked something that has badly burnt or stuck in the the pan? If so have you ever thought you’ll you need to soak it for a couple of hours to loosen the stain? Well with the scrubbing patch you can remove that tough stain in seconds! So no need to soak the pans- scrub off straight away and then wipe clean and dry with the same cloth!

You can use these cloths 100’s of times and as they’re machine washable and dry very quickly you’ll be saving more time and money! This way you can spend more time with family, relaxing or doing your favourite hobbies rather than worrying about kitchen tasks! So why not make your life easier and make cleaning a fun task rather than a tedious one!

Happy Cleaning! 🧽 

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