Crispy Chilli Quorn Pieces 🌶🔥

Prep Time: 5 minutes. Cook Time: 15 minutes. Serves: 2

Our crispy chilli Quorn pieces can be made in only 20 minutes and are a great lunch or dinner idea. It's a dish that can accompany so many things such as rice, noodles, naan or even salad so it's a win win all round. It has wonderful flavours, it's healthy as it's packed full of protein and will keep you feeling energised after a good nutritious meal like look no further for quick meal ideas! Let's turn up the heat...


This recipe serves 2:


Ingredients Needed:


- 1 green chilli- finely chopped

- 2 large garlic gloves- crushed

- 1 inch ginger- finely chopped 

- 300g Quorn pieces

- 1 red onion sliced

- 2 tbsp cornflour

- 2 tbsp soy sauce

- 3-4 tbsp sweet chilli sauce/chilli sauce.

- A handful of chopped coriander

- Pinch of salt and pepper




1) Start off by frying the ginger, garlic and chilli until soft and then add in the sliced red onion and cook until soft.

2) Then add in the Quorn pieces and stir occasionally.

3) Once the Quorn pieces are almost cooked sprinkle with cornflour and mix through. Then add in the soy sauce mix and then add in the chilli sauce of your choice and mix well. Stir for a few minutes and cook until nice and crispy! 

4) Once ready season to taste and garnish with coriander and serve!


A quick, easy and healthy meal in just 20 minutes!


It's just chilli-n 🌶😉😍


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